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Greece - Ionian sea 7.9.2024

A long time ago, Odysseus, after many adventures, had come to his birthplace and old-fashioned home on the island of Ithaca. In this season we will follow his footsteps.

Price: 670 €/person/week 

  1. Discount - FIRST MINUTE 10% when ordering navigation 6 months before sailing.
  2. Student´s discount: 15 % (for each student who is proof of a study).
  3. Group discount: you will recieve a 10% discount on your navigation price for another crew member you will bring with you to the navigation, for the other two crew member you get a 20% discount on your navigation price, for another three crew member you get a 30% of your navigation price, four more crew member you get a 40% of your navigation price, for another five crew member you get a 50% of your navigation price, for another six crew member you get a 60% of your navigation price and for another seve additional crew member you get FREE OF CHARGE your navigation for 1person!
    The individual discounts do not add up.

Route: Levkas - Skorpios - Ithaka - Cephalonia – Zakynthos - Levkas (the length of the route cca 250 NM)

Price include:
Rent a boat for a week
Final cleaning of the ship
Anchor fees at the home port
Deposit insurance

Price does not include:
Insurance of persons
Used fuel (approx. 25 €/person)
Charges for anchoring and staying in a non-home port (approx. 30 €/person)
Board (the crew provides and pays for the boat's captain)
Transport (the crew provides and pays the transport for the ship's captain)



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  • Period
  • Price
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  • Name: Greece - Ionian sea
  • Period: 7.9.2024 - 14.9.2024
  • Price: 670 €
  • Price reduction: 603 €
  • Free places: 8
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