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Italy - Elba 31.8.2024

Price: 700 €/person/week

  1. Discount - FIRST MINUTE 10% when ordering navigation 6 months before sailing.
  2. Student´s discount: 15 % (for each student who is proof of a study).
  3. Group discount: you will recieve a 10% discount on your navigation price for another crew member you will bring with you to the navigation, for the other two crew member you get a 20% discount on your navigation price, for another three crew member you get a 30% of your navigation price, four more crew member you get a 40% of your navigation price, for another five crew member you get a 50% of your navigation price, for another six crew member you get a 60% of your navigation price and for another seve additional crew member you get FREE OF CHARGE your navigation for 1person!
    The individual discounts do not add up.

Route: Castiglioncello - Capraia - Corsica - Elba – Castiglioncello (the length og the route cca 250 NM.)

Price includes:
Rent a boat for a week
Final cleaning of the ship
Anchor fees at the home port
Deposit insurance

Price does not include:
Insurance of persons
Used fuel (approx. 25 €/person)
Charges for anchoring and staying in a non-home port (approx. 30 €/person)
Board (the crew provides and pays for the boat's captain)
Transport (the crew provides and pays the transport for the ship's captain)


The first stop will be the island of Capraia - this northernmost mountainous Tuscan island belongs to the national park. Its highest mountain, Monte Arpaga, reaches a height of 447 m.n.m. In the past, this island used to be a prison, whose ruins we will visit.

Then we sail to Corsica to the town of Calvi. It is one of the ports that appropriate the glory of Christopher Columbus' birthplace.

Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, but the least populated area in the Mediterranean. In the past, not only migration and persecution of families for economic or political reasons, but also various epidemics, natural disasters and many wars had the greatest impact on the island's population. Corsica is also characterized by its unique language, the origin is still unknown. Some linguists believe that it is the original language, some believe that it was derived from Latin, while others believe that it is an Italian dialect similar to Tuscan. Despite the great tourism, it is often a problem to speak English on the island.

The next stop will be the port of Bastia, which lies in the northeastern part of the island. It is not only the largest city in the region, but also an ancient and still widely used port and with romantic nooks almost everywhere. The dominant feature of the port is the Bastion fortress founded in 1372 as a Janovan base in Corsica. It flourished mainly in the middle of the 15th century, when it became the seat of the established government and the capital of the island. In 1811, Napoleon moved the most important offices to the new capital of Ajaccio and Bastia began to decline. It did not expand again until World War II.

From Bastia we will take a night cruise to the island of Elba, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Unlike Corsica, which belongs to France, Elba is part of Italy. It belongs to the Tuscan region and with its size and coastline it is also the largest of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. One of the attractions of the local archipelago is the great fragmentation of the coast. Sandy beaches alternate with pebble and rocky beaches. The island is washed by the azure Ligurian Sea and is a diver's paradise.

We will not miss the capital Portoferraio. The town offers many monuments from the 16th century. It is possible to admire the Medici fortifications, and Villa dei Mullini, Napoleon Bonaparte's official residence in exile, stands on Pizza Napoleone Square.

And then we will have a cruise around the coast back to Castiglioncello with swimming on the sandy beaches.

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  • Name: Italy - Elba
  • Period: 31.8.2024 - 7.9.2024
  • Price: 700 €
  • Price reduction: 630 €
  • Free places: 8
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