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Holiday sailing

Yachting Holiday

These lines are intended for novices, who have not smelt the scent of the sea from a deck of a ship yet. The rest of you, who already did, can skip this page because you are already trapped and you don’t want any other vacation but the one on the yacht.

When we hear the term “yacht” the most of us picture luxury that is unattainable by an ordinary mortal and is affordable only by a few chosen. But reality is completely different. The prices of sailing boat rentals are for example in Croatia comparable to rentals of an apartment on the shore. That means that you can get a vacation full of welfare, romance and adventure for the same price and you are not forced to stay at one place the whole time. Basically anyone can rent a boat. For those, who don’t have a captains licence or don’t have enough courage to sail to the sea for the first time on their own, are available our experienced captains. The itinerary is obviously planned based on the request of the crew. The captain only considers, if it is possible according to the time plan and weather situation.



The vacation on the yacht brings a lot of experiences that are inaccessible at other places: There are not many feelings that can compare to morning swimming in the clear water of silent and abandoned cove, when the scent of the morning coffee mixes with the smell of sea and pine groves on the shore. Time is not important; there is no reason to hurry. The only thing you have to do is enjoy the peace and welfare that surrounds you. The wind in the sails, bow  breaking through the waves, screams of seagulls, hidden coves and wild nature. All this fulfills the idea of active and adventurous vacation for a lot of people.



At the same time modern sailing boats provide a plentitude of luxury and comfort even for the most demanding ones. In dependence on its size, the boat offers a couple of separated two-bed cabins and one, two or three bathrooms with shower. Each cabin offers comfortable beds, storage space and lamps for reading. Stylish facing of interior and upholstery of sofas in the salon also increase the sensation of cosiness that becomes your home for a while. To your disposition is also a fully equipped kitchen unit with a sink, a two-spot rust free cook stove, an oven and a fridge. The dominant feature of the salon is a table where the whole crew can have a nice meal together (with some types of boats the table can be folded and vacates a space for another double bed instead). However, when the weather is nice, there isn’t anything better than to have a lunch on the deck. Therefore, romantic personalities will be fascinated by the opportunity to watch a breathtaking sunset or a star-studded sky while having a little chat with friends and drinking a glass of wine on the deck of the yacht that is anchored in an abandoned cove.

How to charter a yacht?