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Insurance YACHT-POOL

Insurance YACHT-POOL 


What are the benefits of YACHT-POOL insurance?

  • The insurance covers a wide range of risks and the insurance products follow each other
  • YACHT-POOL has more than 35 years of experience not only with the formation of tailor-made products, but also with the liquidation of insurance claims, therefore the liquidation proceeds "smoothly". In 2020, YACHT-POOL successfully settled almost 100% of insurance claims, even large damages due to gross negligence of the skipper.
  • The insurance is supported by a strong partner - the German insurance company AXA


What is new in skipper insurance?

  • The new place of jurisdiction in disputes is the country of origin of the client
  • Insurance can be made until 12:00 on the day of overtaking the boat (online)
  • As part of the deposit insurance, there are also additional sails (spinnaker, gennaker)
  • Cancellation insurance also includes insurance in case of illness on Covid-19


Includes insurance deposit to the chosen deposit amount. The participation is 5%, but not less than 50, - €. The deposit amount chosen can not be lower, as the amount of the deposit is stated in the agreement with the charter company.
Deposit insurance does not relieve the client of the deposit obligation under the lease of the ship and the payment of any damage incurred.
The client then claims damages via YACHT POOL by sending the application, including the necessary documents.
The insurance is valid for the duration of insurance (12 months) for all charters where the insured is listed as a captain in the charter contract.
These rates do not apply to deposit insurance for regattas - subject to special conditions. For insurance, ask form "C".


Depozit / Kaucia 500 € 1000 € 1500 € 2000 € 2500 € 3000 € 3500 € 4000 € 4500 €  5000 € 5500 €
Poistné   71,28 € 130,68 € 190,08 € 249,48 € 308,88 € 368,28 € 427,08 € 487,08 € 546,48 € 605,88 € 665,28 €


Skipper reliability insurance covers material and non-material damage resulting from the operation and responsibility of the skipper.

Includes captain and crew insurance. In the event of an accident resulting in permanent invalidity or death. It also includes rescue work in the event of an accident.

The insurance covers the risk of the yacht captain as well as the crew members in case of withdrawal from the lease due to illness. It only applies to the charter period, unlike other types of insurance.