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Radio operator

International Radiotelephony Card issued by the Czech Telecommunication Office

According to our law, only persons with the relevant license are authorized to operate the boat radio. In the case of boat chartering, this is a general or limited radiotelephony card for the maritime mobile service. This card is required when renting boats worldwide. The international card in the Czech Republic is issued and tested exclusively by the Czech Telecommunication Office and is issued with a validity of 5 years with the possibility of extension. If you have any other license that includes a license to operate the radio - eg some types of German license, then you do not need that license. If you own a Croatian license to guide a boat, you do not need a license from the CTU in Croatia, as a license to operate the radio is included in the Croatian license. However, this does not apply to the radio operator on a ship flying the Czech flag!

If you wish to obtain the card, send the completed application form, proof of payment of the administrative fee and one passport format photo to the address of the Czech Telecommunication Office. CTU invites you to the exam, the statutory period is within three months of receipt of the application. Therefore, think of obtaining your card well in advance!

Exam application form

Questions and answers for written tests  (General license page 36-45, Limited license page 45-52)

Oral exam outline

Extension of license

Radio telephony certificate for navigational mobile service issued by the Slovak Telecommunication Office

The selected radio equipment may only be operated by a natural person with special professional qualifications to operate it. Special professional competence is a summary of theoretical knowledge and practical experience and knowledge of generally binding legal regulations related to the operation of selected radio equipment. Without special professional competence, a natural person may operate such facilities during training only under the supervision of a person with special professional competence. Operations may also be performed by persons recognized by the Authority as having special professional competence in the operation of selected radio equipment.

The Authority shall verify the special professional competence by examining and issuing a certificate of special professional competence. The Examination Board is set up and its members appointed and removed by the Chairman of the Office.

The application for the issue of a certificate of specific competence shall contain:
a) the applicant's first name, surname, date of birth and title,
b) the permanent residence address of the applicant;
c) the type of certificate of special competence required;
d) the applicant's educational attainment
e) a photograph of the applicant.

The natural person who will operate the selected radio equipment on ships obligatorily equipped with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) equipment shall undergo practical training at a training center recognized by the International Maritime Organization before the examination. The natural person who will operate the selected radio equipment equipped with GMDSS equipment on ships not required to do so is obliged to undergo practical training at a training center recognized by the Ministry before the examination.

Exam application form