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Memoriál Vlada Psalmana 2022

Experience the sports atmosphere of regatta yachting full of adrenaline and excite your team to the maximum!
Meet great people and make new friendly and business relationships that can last forever.
Meet the sea wolves who will advise you and share with you experiences.

Already the 12th year of traditional AAAYacht Regatta is organized in honor of our friend and passionate yachtsman Vladimir Psalman, who contributed greatly to the development of sailing in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

24.09.2022 - 01.10.2022
Murter, Marina Hramina, Chorvátsko
Bavaria Cruiser 41 / 2016 / 2017

Price : 2 525 €

Deposit: 2448 €
Instead of deposit insurance is possible. Deposit insurance for B41 in regatta and with gennaker is 150 € + deposit 140 €.

Can be ordered:
Skipper Czech / Slovak 100 €/day + food + transport

Price include:
dinghy, outboard motor, GPS, autopilot, bed linen, towels, final cleaning, WIFI (1GB data, additional data can be ordered: 1GB-10 €, 5GB-40 €), parking for two cars, mooring at home port, fee for regatta and charter boat with gennaker.

Price does not include:
personal insurance, tourist tax 1,35 €/person/day, fuel consumption, parking costs other than home port, food, transport

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PHOTOGALLERY - look what 2021 looks like! 

PHOTOGALLERY - look what 2022 looks like! 


For individual candidates who want to improve and experience the atmosphere of sport yachting, we offer a crew seat.
Price: 522 €/person/week.



Boat draw: The meeting before the race will be in Piešťany. The deadline will be specified. Ships shall be drawn in the order in which they were ordered. BAVARIA CRUISER 41/2017 is required first, followed by BAVARIA CRUISER 41/2016

Boat overnight: In the home marina, eventually 1-2x anchor, buoy or city pier.

Terms of payment
Deposit 25% of the price for regatta after login. 
Deposit 25% of the price for the regatta until 15.01.2022.
50% surcharge 50 days before the start of the regatta.

Cancellation policy:
Upon withdrawal from the regatta party, the cancellation fees are as follows:
100% between 0 and 50 days before the regatta starts
50% in the period 50 - 300 days before the regatta starts
0% in the case of compensation of the participant of the regatta by a third person.

Securing the regatta:
The regatta is registered with the Croatian sailing Federation
Chief Regatta Referee: Bojan Berlengi

AAAYacht, s.r.o.



Route and heats:
Depending on the weather and safety criteria, participating ships on regatta take three or more races a day. The specific route of the race will be determined before the start of the regatta according to the current weather situation and weather forecast by the racing committee.
The expected length of each race is 10 - 20 nautical miles.
The expected length of offshore races is about 50 - 90 nautical miles.
Each race may be modified or shortened with an alternative destination, depending on the weather conditions.

Regatta program:
Saturday - taking a boat.
Sunday to Thursday - buoys + offshore. Thursday evening announcement of results
Friday - free day
Saturday - handover of boats.

Rules and penalties:
The regatta is governed by the rules defined in the sailing rules of competition, the rules of competition rules, the rules of the general sailing instructions and, according to the regulations, the race and arbitration commission.
Rules 44.1 and 44.2 are amended so that one turn is required, including one swap.

All participants in the regatta shall participate in the regatta solely on their own responsibility. The organizer assumes no responsibility for damage to things, injury or death of persons in relation to before, during or after regatta.

Regatta scoring: at least one race must be performed for a regatta to be valid.
(a) If 1 to 3 heats are taken, the total points of the boat shall be the sum of their points from all heats.
b) If 4 or more heats are taken, the boat's total points are the sum of their points from all heats, excluding the worst points from one heat.
c) Points from offshore heats cannot be excluded from the total of points.

Scoring system: low point scoring system (1st place - 1b, 2nd place 2b, etc.

Advertising: Participants of the regatta are obliged to place advertising materials of event sponsors in designated places on the ships, which will be supplied by the organizer.
Crew custom ad materials are allowed.

List of registered skippers:

1.Ľubomír Macejka
2.Daniel Dangl
3.Stanislav Varga
4.Ján Demko
5.Petr Čech
6.Ivan Švančara
7.Peter Šimeček
8.Miroslav Baran
9.Jiří Chlumský
10.Marek Husovský
11.Marek Čulen
12.Daniel Manas
13.Jozef Botka
14. Martin Dostalik
15. Stanislav Mataj
17. Dušan Matuška
18. Ľuboš Pokorný
 19. Boris Bačik
20. Martin Potucky
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